Use Case Content Patterns

Type: Process
Sources: Martin Langlands (UK), Rolf Goetz (Gemany)


While modelling use cases, have you ever thought 'I have modelled something very similar before.'? Here's a solution to re-occuring modelling tasks. Martin Langlands has developed a bundle of patterns for the content of use cases. He developed these with an extensive backround in banking and insurance systems. After reading it I found myself in a very different field but still the patterns were applicable. I think they are ready to use in most areas of concern.
The Use Case Content Patterns are presented here courtesy of Martin Langlands.

Note: I proudly contributed the idea of another pattern to Martin's, the DESTRUCTOR pattern ;-)

Entry Conditions

E1: You have at least basic knowledge on the structure of a use case, either the Jacobson or Cockburn flavor.

Steps and Notes

S1: See if the problem you want to describe using a UseCase form is similar to one or more entries of this list:

  • An object has to be created.
  • An object has to be viewed or updated.
  • One or more objects have to selected for some action.
  • Objects have to be searched for.
  • An object has do be deleted.

S2: If yes, read the attached article and use the presented patterns for writing correct and consistent use cases!

Exit Conditions



"Use-case modelling is much more than drawing stick-men for Actors, ovals vor Use-cases and a few «include» and «extend» dependencies." - Martin Langlands

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