Send the call for tenders

Type: Rules
Referring to: Process.Call for tenders

Rules and Notes

R1: make use of professional help

  • purchasing department can be used to reduce prices
  • provider management department can provide a longlist of possible suppliers

R2: The suppliers on the longlist should be evaluated. Check references the suppliers give on their website or that has been obtained by ther key account manager. Ask tough questions! This results in a short list.

R3: Have the call for tenders sent to all suppliers at the same time to avoid legal problems. Your provider management may well have a standard letter to use, in order not to forget anything.

R4: Allow questions. Handle this rather formally, because you want to redistribute questions and answers to the suppliers.

R5 [fear of unwanted phone calls by suppliers]: Don't forget to exclude your mobile phone number from you email :-)

R6: publish the dates for the supplier's presentations

R7: direct communication to 1 or 2 persons only (on both sides)

Costs, Savings

What does it take to implement those rules? What does it give?

Side effects

is there anything that happend or will happen as one implements the rules? This relates to both wanted and unwanted effects ('unwanted' does not imply 'negative').

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