Links to Resources on Agile, XP, Evo, Lean

Here's a list of web resources concerning Agile (Scrum, Evo, XP, and some Lean).
I consider these to be valuable for anyone who is interested in Agile. Note that the list is far from complete!
Version: 2010-12-30

How you combine Value Management with Scrum to create great results - Kai Gilb
Using Evo with Scrum

Special Contributions

Kanban and Scrum - making the most of both -- Hendrik Kniberg

7 truths about Agile and Scrum that people don't want to hear. — Kai Gilb
Part 0 of 7 Introduction
Part 1 of 7 Wrong Focus
Part 2 of 7: Developer Creativity
Part 3 of 7: Stakeout Stakeholders or Stakeholders will stake you out


Tweeple I follow for their advice on Agile!/agilesensei!/agilemanager!/gbenefield!/scottwambler!/sehlhorst!/AgileDad!/jimhighsmith!/jeffpatton!/imtomgilb!/ryanshriver!/jeffsutherland!/kaigilb!/ellengott


We can deliver software functions, as defined in requirements, to the 'customer' -
but totally fail to deliver critical value to many critical stakeholders. — Tom Gilb

Some very good papers written by Tom who connects Scrum with Customer Value (vital!):
Value-Driven Development -- Tom Gilb
Values for Value -- Tom Gilb, Lindsey Brodie
Values for Value, Part 2 -- Tom Gilb


And maybe you are interestet in following this initiative:

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