The 2 Fundamental Rules in Leadership

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Rules and Notes

R1: Step aside and let your team members work

R2: Only do 2 things
- make sure everybody has what they need to succeed
- create a place where people want to be

Note: If your people are passionate about what they are contributing to your endeavor, THEY will work things out (better than you can). You just sit and watch!

Note: It is a leader's responsibility to protect the team from leaders higher up in the food chain, that are trying to dictate how to do things.

Note: Do small steps, because there is less *uncertainty* to overcome.

Costs, Savings

<Would be great. What does it take to implement those rules? What does it give?>

Side effects

<Is there anything that happend or will happen as one implements the rules? This relates to both wanted and unwanted effects ('unwanted' does not imply 'negative').>

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