I run a weblog at
98% of it consist of process descriptions, lists of principles and sets of rules on various topics related to software engineering (systems, projects and requirements).
The motto is "no fluff - just stuff", meaning that I like to blog in a very condensed style, as opposed to many bloggers who like to write a lot of nice prose around little knowledge.
I decided to put the material I have (about 100 blog posts) to a wiki format (PlanetProject,, and go on from there.


Your job would be to take single blog posts and transfer them to single pages within my wiki, 1 to 1, on my behalf.
To both learn from the process, please do the following 9 blog posts only (and also quote the price for doing only them). I plan to give you the rest of the work as well, after we have made any necessary adjustments to the task description.

Here's an example I did myself:
original bog post:
respective PlanetProject page:

Personal Requirements

You have stong skills in creating wiki pages and weaving them together by page links.
You write excellent English.

Time requirements

please return to me by email as soon as you have finished 3 new pages, linking the newly created pages.
the first 3 posts above have to be done within 24 hours from the time of our work agreement. the other 6 may take another 48 hours.


If you have any questions please email me. Due to the different time zone and my busy work schedule this is the best way of contacting me.
To ensure a quick reply please notify me of any emails by texting my mobile phone ("you received mail from india" or something).

Detailed Requirements


use the templates provided at PlanetProject ( Most blog posts are written quite close to the template. however, the templates have been written with the experience of two years' blogging. Please make sure each wiki page is nicely formatted, as the templates suggest. There are a couple of modules in the templates, i. e. nonvisible parts of the page that will be instantiated by the template. Keep them on every page, please.


please get rid of the Status und Version information at the top of each post, they are no longer needed.

Wiki syntax

use the wiki syntax that is provided by wikidot (

keep full history

to be able to see the pages' history please first add each page unchanged, then save, then do any changes you need to do


the content of the blog posts/wiki pages must not be changed (however, see 'status_version' requirement)


please use the tags that I gave every blog post and re-apply them to the individual wiki-pages


part of the template is a 'Related Pages' section. please make a list of 5 related pages per page and include them as links in this section. Choose candidates by title. If you can't find 5 good fits, choose randomly. Please only choose wiki pages, not blog posts.


if the content of any new page does not fit on a screen page (assume 1024 pixels *vertical* screen resolution), please insert a TableOfContents on the top of the page, like on this page here:


correct spelling errors and grammar. use American English, please.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License