Changing Requirements with Fixed Price Contracts

Type: Rules


A way of changing requirements even if a fixed price contract has beed agreed upon

Rules and Notes

R1: The total effort does not change.

R2: The customer has to specify each change to a level of detail which is suitable for being estimated

R3: The supplier estimates the change, yielding an effort of X.

R4: The customer has to exclude not yet developed requirements from the contract with the same value X.

Note: This is based on mutual trust. If you need an extrodinary complicated or hard to agree to contract, you should probably don't try this.

Costs, Savings

What does it take to implement those rules? What does it give?>

Side effects

Is there anything that happend or will happen as one implements the rules? This relates to both wanted and unwanted effects ('unwanted' does not imply 'negative').

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