Basic Structure for Writing Acceptance Criteria / Scenarios

Type: Rules
Sources: Dan North's Behavior Driven Development (RSpec). I was introduced to this by Chris Matts.


Specify scenarios in a human (and machine) readable, yet compact way.

Rules and Notes

R1: Use the following sentence structure:
GIVEN <context>
WHEN <event>
THEN <expected behavior>

GIVEN the user has proper credentials
WHEN he selects an order for deletion
THEN the system accepts the selection

GIVEN the system is running under stress profile XY
WHEN interface A sends a service request
THEN the system responds to A in 3 seconds or less

R2: If you need to specifiy more complex conditions, use AND, OR, NOT
GIVEN <context 1>
OR <context 2>
WHEN <event 1>
AND <event 2>
THEN <behavior 1>
NOT <behavior 2>

Costs, Savings

<Would be great. What does it take to implement those rules? What does it give?>

Side effects

<Is there anything that happend or will happen as one implements the rules? This relates to both wanted and unwanted effects ('unwanted' does not imply 'negative').>



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