5 Universal Rules for Task Prioritization

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Sources: Niels Malotaux, www.malotaux.nl


What to do next? This ever returning question bothers me all the time. How do I make sure I don't waste my time? How do I make sure I do valuable things? Here's a nice set of rules for these decisions. Thanks Niels!

Rules and Notes

R1: Most important requirements first
R2: Highest risks first
R3: Most educational or supporting for development first
R4: Actively Synchronise with other developments
R5: Every cycle delivers a useful, completed, result

Costs, Savings

What does it take to implement those rules? What does it give?

Side effects

Is there anything that happend or will happen as one implements the rules? This relates to both wanted and unwanted effects ('unwanted' does not imply 'negative').

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