6 of the Dalai Lama's Leadership Principles

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Sources: inspired by Cheri Baker at the Enlightended Manager Weblog; the 'Seeds of Compassion Webcast' from an event in Seattle, USA; some of the books the 14. Dalai Lama wrote; what people told me who had seen the Dalai Lama live.


to reflect upon the behavior of the 14th Dalai Lama when appearing publicly. It seems to me the following principles can also be applied in anyone's work in the position of some kind of leader. May be a project leader, a company's boss, the head of a department, or 'just" a thought leader within a group of people.

Principles and Notes

P1: Don't direct, facilitate instead.
Note: This way, you find delight in the success and happiness of others.

P2: Make sure you want to learn something, so inquire rather that advocate. Listen, explore.
Note: In doing so, you'll show appreciation.

P3: Don't assume you know everything on the topic you're discussing. If someone brings something up that you think is wrong, show equanimity.
Note: There's the word 'equal' in equanimity.

P4: Be (and stay) humorous. Don't get angry, show compassion instead. Compassion means communication from your heart.
Note: This will facilitate creativity among the people you talk to.

P5: Encourage people to find their own answers, instead of giving all the answers you might have.
Note: also a good way of supporting P2, Learning.

P6: Be accountable.
Note: That means, you should pay attention to your actions and understand their consequences.



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